You're head of a company, an educational or medical-social establishment, responsible for human resources or a medical service, whichever professional area.


You're aware of the human potential your work teams represent and of the professional contribution they bring to the development of your company. Why not offer your recognition by proposing seated massage for their well being directly at your work place ?


I propose:


More than a simple moment of pause, these massages bring a notable relief of physical tension such as back, shoulder and neck aches, areas particularly solicited by repetitive work gestures. They also relieve headaches as well as harmful symptoms related to tensions and tiredness present in the work place.


You would raise effectiveness and motivation and favor more cordial professional relations within the company.


Let's meet to discuss your needs and to establish together details of implementing seated massage for your staff.


 A rewarding encouragement with regard to your personnel which would show a more active engagement towards your company !


Some advantages in brief

For the employees


  • Dimunition of stress and anxiety,
  • Relief of muscular and articulation pains due to work positions,
  • A gain of motivation and concentration,
  • An effective encouragement on behalf of the company,
  • A physical and emotional pause for resourcing,
  • The development of a better private and professional balance

For the employer


  • Reduction of absenteeism,
  • Less risk of burn-out and the costs engendered thereof,
  • Prevention of accidents at work,
  • Diminished tensions and conflicts within the teams,
  • The creation of a more humane professional environment,
  • The promotion of a dynamic image of your company/institution



  • A quality service tailored to your needs and at the service of your collaborators,
  • The massage are done directly in the premises of your entreprise (Optimisation of time without needing to change environment),
  • All the massage material is provided and brought by the therapist,
  • Thanks to its unencombered size the ergonomic massage chair can be installed in a small area, like a meeting room,
  • The service can be given in French, English or Spanish,
  • Days, times and length of the massage are entirely adaptable to your needs,
  • In order to ensure a better internal coordination, the appointment schedule is managed directly by the entreprise/institution,
  • Advised duration of massage is 15-20 minutes per person,
  • The massage can take place either during work hours or breaks, according to your preference.


Because your entreprise, your institution is unique, I propose a solution adapted to your needs and objectives.


I remain at your disposal for further information and to discuss your project.