You're a director of a company, school, responsible for marketing, communication or the events organizer for local, international, or other domaines.


You wish to enrich your presence, develop your visibility, improve your image concerning your clients, providers and visitors, on the occasion of future events. Offer them seated massage as a privileged attention which leaves a pleasant feeling with commercial consequences.


This is the service which I put at your disposition.


A revitalizing, destressing pause of great benefit. The seated massage offers an effective solution to ease physical tensions of the whole of the torso (top of the body), to free the sensation of compression of the neck, for example linked to wearing a tie, also to alleviate the legs and feet much solicited in the upright position.


You would offer as such a real possibility of relaxation and resource in a calm space, from a sometimes noisy and tiring environment


Don't wait, let's elaborate together a tailored seated massage project which could also be implemented at future events. Thanks to an individual and personalized greeting to each of your visitors the service would reflect the attention that you would wish to accord them.


 A personalized and refined visitor's card which your partners would appreciate !



Examples of possible local and international organisations

  • Congresses
  • Salons (Palexpo, International Motor Show...)
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Forums
  • Commercial or marketing operations 
  • Promotions of services or products,
  • Theme days (sports, well being, health, ecology, arts...),
  • Humanitarian projects,
  • Business or school parties,
  • Other depending on specific requests


  • A quality service tailored to your needs and those of your partners, given by an experienced professional,
  • Optimisation of time without needing to change environment,
  • The possibility of working inside or outside (material such as a tent or marquee provided by the organizer),
  • All the massage material is provided and brought by the therapist,
  • Thanks to its unencombered size the ergonomic massage chair can be installed in a small area,
  • The choice of visibility: in front of a specific stand to attract a larger public, or in a suitably discreet place,
  • The service can be given at local or international meetings in French, English or Spanish,
  • Days, times and length of the massage are entirely adaptable to your needs,
  • Visitors could reserve appointments in advance through the organizer, or present themselves spontaneously and be massaged depending on the availability of the therapist,
  • Advised duration of massage is 15-20 minutes per person.


Because your events are unique, I offer a tailor made service to suite your request.


I rest at your disposal for more information and to discuss and help you develop your project.