More than a massage, a dance, a magic journey towards the center of your being


This soft massage of the back, with 100% natural and biological St.-John's wort oil, is anti-inflammatory, relieves lymphatic congestion and sooths nerves. It goes much farther than many massages: it is a complete care in itself.


It is both an energetic and physical therapy. Soft, slow, deep, it relaxes the whole being.


It relieves back pains, sleeping problems, agitation, stimulates the symphathetic, neurovegetative parasympathetic nervous systems.



Take advantage of an extra moment for a more complete relaxation :

The basic massage, which is usually practised on the back may be completed by a facial and neck massage with a stimulation of reflex points situated on this zone.


Duration 90 minutes - on request




C/O Centre Nexus Therapies 

39, route de Colovrex 

1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

076 693 45 18


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