Come and enjoy a break in a zen and ressourcing place


The treatments address everybody, men and women, of all ages, from children, including teenagers and seniors.


It is particularly recommended to have a break, reduce the stress of everyday life and take your health in hand in a global and respectful way.



  •  The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes
  • A time of exchange and listening precedes the treatment
  • A questionnaire and checking of possible contraindications is established
  • Proposal of personalised care according to your needs and with your agreement
  • According to your desire, the treatment may take place with music or in silence
  •  At the end of the treatment, there will be a time of rest and integration



Massotherapy and reflexology are treatments which, during the same session, can be practised separately or combined.


During the exchange preceding the treatment, your therapist can recommend, in a personalised way, the care which corresponds to your need of the present moment.


This pallet of techniques also allows to vary relaxating sensations from one session to the next, while keeping a global objective of well-being and health, bringing heightened awareness.


The treatments may be simple moments of well-being and ressourcement.


They can be also envisaged within the framework of a regular follow-up as an approach in health prevention, while benefiting from the accompaniment and the advice of a professional therapist.


The frequency of the treatments will be discussed with you and established according to your needs and desires.


Just like practicing sport, meditation, or a healthy diet, receiving regularly body care is a philosophy and a lifestyle which favours harmony, well-being and vitality.


A regular frequency of treatments has well-known positive effects to reduce stress, limit tensions and pain. One therefore will benefit in long term daily well-being and find physical, mental and spiritual balance.


Recharge yourself, bring vitality to your body and enjoy a moment of serenity



An original and sensitive attention to please your family and your friends for all occasions of life (birthdays, anniversaries, marriage, retirement, diplomas, discovery of massage or reflexology)

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The sessions of reflexology or well-being massage  cannot be substituted for a medical consultation. Their objective is not to make a diagnosis or modify or interrupt  medical treatment. They are not medical follow-ups, but a natural approach which gives a profound and essential relaxation for the well-being and  health of all. In case of doubt, consult your doctor.

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