Reflexology brings deep relaxation as well as rebalancing the systems of your body in a caring and preventive approach to your health, in a gentle and respectful way




Illustrations and old texts allow us to believe that Chinese and Egyptians used a form of foot reflexology during Antiquity. In the West, one of the first works on the subject was published in 1582 by two European, famous doctors at of their time, Drs Adamus and Atatis.


Modern reflexology goes back to the works of an American doctor, Dr William Fitzgerald who discovered that pain felt by his patients decreased if he applied pressure to certain points of the body. His theory is based on an anatomical model which divides the body into 10 energy zones, going from head to foot, each being connected to precise places of the body: reflex zones. It is Eunice Ingham who finalised reflexology as we know it today, at the beginning of 1930s.


Reflexology is a technique which aims at mobilising auto-healing and autoregulation of the body through the nervous system.


This technique of holistic touch considers the human being in its entirety and consists in making pressure on reflex zones situated on the feet (7 '200 nerves endings arrive up to our feet).


It aims at balancing the set of organs, glands and physiological systems of the body, necessary for the preservation of health, "homéostasie".

The foot acts as a real mirror of the whole body.


Reflexology is considered as a very effective alternative and complementary care to eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, manage pain, and stimulate vital energy. 


Very effective to relieve: stress, anxiety and fears, fatigue, sleeping disorders, irritability, back pain, respiratory disorders, allergies,  digestive disorders, constipation, headaches and migraines, premenstrual syndrome, disorders of menopause, joint pains, hyperactivity of children, unwanted effects of chemotherapy...

 CHF 120 for 60 minutes


CHF 160 for 90 minutes


Payment in cash at the end of each treatment


Any apppointment which is not cancelled within a 24 hours notice will be due