Offer yourself a simple moment of relaxation or a natural and respectful approach towards your health, taking all your being into consideration.  Let us choose together the massage which corresponds best to your need among the pallet of techniques.



Among all our senses, touch is the first one to appear and the last one to disappear ? It is vital to survival and good human development. Touch is probably the oldest form of natural therapy. Thanks to an invaluable knowledge and profound empathy, touch allows our real identity to emerge, it softens our vision of the world and makes us more open to others.


Under our skin are thousands of sensors which act as connections between our internal environment and the external world. Every time these sensors receive outside stimulus, they send messages to the brain so that it secretes various hormones such as dopamine, serotonine and  ocytocine, which are the molecules of enjoyment, serenity and happiness. Besides which, a massage releases endorphins which give a kind of ecstasy, of euphoria which plunge you into an immense well-being. Furthermore, endorphins also possess analgesic properties against pain. One of the main effects is stress reduction thanks to the decrease of cortisone secretion, the hormone of stress.


Modern massotherapy has perfected and refined touch so that it becomes a structured approach of prevention, relaxation and treatment. It is a practice of professional touch that comes from Quebec and which uses various techniques of massage to best answer the needs of all.


Its objectives and benefits are relaxation (muscular and nervous), blood and lymphatic circulation, assimilation and digestion of food, the elimination of toxins, the smooth running of vital organs, management of stress, a physical and psychological awakening.


 CHF 120 for 60 minutes


CHF 160 for 90 minutes


Payment in cash at the end of each treatment


Any apppointment which is not cancelled within a 24 hour notice will be due